Sunday, May 01, 2005

Pepper Adams and Ted Curson

These pictures were taken at the OCC (Orange Coast College) Jazz Festival in Costa Mesa, California in 1984(?). The OCC Jazz Band was featured with guest soloists Pepper Adams and Ted Curson. Also appearing that night was Bill Berry’s LA Big Band.
Pepper Adams [1930-1986] played the baritone saxophone in a style that was counter to the more popular sound of Gerry Mulligan. I always preferred Adams over Mulligan because a baritone sax should (at least in my opinion) really be played with a big sound. Adams was part of the great Detroit jazz scene that included two previous mentionees, Kenny Burrell and Tommy Flanagan.
Ted Curson [b.1935] plays trumpet and is one of the few that have used the piccolo trumpet in jazz. I don’t know what he’s been up to these days, but he was blowin’ that night!
Adams and Curson are also alumni of various Charles Mingus ensembles. I don’t know if they played together with Mingus; this might have been the only time they played together.
This is one of the many sets of pictures I have that have become separated from their envelopes. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything that will pinpoint the date beyond c.1984. Anybody out there know?

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