Friday, May 20, 2005

The Aulochrome

Recently, I became aware of a new instrument called the Aulochrome. It’s a polyphonic woodwind instrument looks like two soprano saxophones joined together. It was created by a Belgian instrument maker named Francois Louis. It mechanizes many of the things Rahsaan Roland Kirk was able to do manually with two or three horns - pedal point, interval playing and contrapuntal lines. Maybe it should be called the Rahsaanophone!
I wrote to the inventor and he informed me that only the one prototype exists. He also hopes to add sound samples and a fingering chart to his website once he has the time.
It hasn’t gone into production yet, but the Aulochrome is my new obsession. I had to wait 30 years to get a stritch; hopefully it won’t be that long to get an Aulochrome.


Mwanji Ezana said...

One of the very first posts on my blog, almost two years ago, was about the aulochrome and a demonstration I attended. At the moment, Fabrizio Cassol (of Aka Moon) is the only person using the prototype on a regular basis. It's a fascinating instrument, but if you're hoping to buy one, I think you'll be holding your breath for a long time! :)

Steve Bowie said...

That's OK, I don't have the money for one yet!