Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Jeopardy! is in the middle of its $2 million dollar tournament of former champions. I wish I could come back on the show, but the rules preclude it. Unless you’re invited back for some special event, you have just the one shot.

On the first game of the tournament, they had a clue in which part of the answer was Sun Ra. Of course, no one got it! Why didn’t they have clues like that when I played?

I competed on the first show of the second season. It was taped in June of 1985 and aired the following September. I was ahead after the first round, but I was in trouble once the categories for the Double Jeopardy! round were revealed. Out of the six categories, three (Fashion Designers, Law, New England) were perfect for the Female Attorney from Connecticut! D’oh! After the other contestant (the returning champ) and I got stomped in that round, the Final Jeopardy! category turned out to be Female Athletes. Surprise!; she got this right and established a new one day record in earnings at our expense - $18,000. (Today, it’s chump change for the show, but it was a big deal then.)

I got home from the taping early enough to catch the Jeopardy! show airing that night. (This one was taped several months earlier). In the Double Jeopardy! round, one of the categories was Jazz!!! No one wanted to touch it; it was the last category selected (they didn’t finish it). To add insult to injury, one of the Daily Doubles was there!!! That’s the kind of luck I have. Oh well………

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