Thursday, July 21, 2005

Miles Davis and Gil Evans

Miles Davis and Gil Evans Hollywood Bowl Concert Program, July 20th, 1983 Posted by Picasa

Yesterday was the 22nd anniversary of the Miles Davis [1926-1991] and Gil Evans [1912-1988] concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Davis and Evans were celebrated for their earlier collaborations like "Sketches of Spain" and "Porgy and Bess." Although they were on the same bill, it was stressed that they would not be playing together.

Evans’ group played first, followed by Miles. But the set-up for Evans’ group still remained on the stage. Could Miles be going against expectations again?

After Miles played his set and an encore to an enthusiastic crowd, the audience lingered. And lingered some more. It wasn’t until the house lights came up and an announcement was made on the PA that everyone dispersed into the night. We had hoped in vain….

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Cameron W said...

I'm a big fan of Miles & Gil Evans' collaborations. Only as I get older ( I'm 28 ) do I learn to appreciate complex harmonies and voicings that are used in their music.