Sunday, April 03, 2011

New Smithsonian Jazz Collection

During my high school years, the local public library was one of the resources I would use to hear jazz recordings. One I vividly remember was the Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz. It was a multi-record set that included items from Scott Joplin, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, etc.

Last week, a new edition was released. It's six CDs and 111 tracks! (I think the original was 8 LPs.) It's been updated to reflect the changes that have occurred since its original 1973 release. But all the great classics (West End Blues, Hawk's Body and Soul, Duke's Ko-Ko) are still there. It would be a great investment to fill in those gaps in your jazz knowledge or collection.

As a taste, there's a link to a Mary Lou Williams recorded of Virgo, part of her Zodiac Suite. By coincidence, that happens to be my sign:

And if you're feeling brave, take their jazz quiz while you're there:

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