Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Jazz Stamp

A few months ago, I suggested it was time for some more postage stamps honoring jazz artists. That hasn’t come to pass yet, but next month will see a stamp that honors the art form itself. Please go out and buy them & use them. The powers that be love to use sales figures as a reason to do (or not do) projects. Since this is a ‘forever’ stamp, you can hoard them and still use one for first class postage ten, twenty, a hundred years from now!

Appropriately, it will be launched in New Orleans in March. This great looking piece of art was designed by Paul Rogers; you can get the story behind the stamp at his website.

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spoony said...

As a (pretty much former) stamp collector and a (very much still) jazz fan, this is an exciting development.

So often in situations like this, the design would be a disappointment, but I personally love this one. It is like a 1950s modern art style design.