Sunday, April 24, 2005

Louis Armstrong

Very few of my autographs weren’t obtained by me getting them from the artist in person. One of these exceptions is shown above – Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong [1901-1971].
Along with Duke Ellington, Armstrong would have to be considered the greatest musician in the music they call jazz. Since his influence is so pervasive, some have even argued that he could be considered the greatest, excluding any category.
My grandfather got this album cover signed when Armstrong and his band swung through Lancaster, California in (I believe) the late 1950s. It’s signed by Armstrong and his vocalist at the time, Jewel Brown.
When he was getting his affairs in order, he called me to come get some things - this album cover was one of the things he wanted to make sure went to me. Why is it only the cover? One of my uncles sat on the LP many years ago and broke it!

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