Friday, March 18, 2005

Mission Statement

Hi! I'm starting a blog to talk about jazz. I'd like to share some of the photos I've taken at various concerts and also show the autographs I've collected from a lot of great artists.


JulieA said...

Cool, I look forward to reading it.

joshuasound1 said...

hey steve! finally found your blog!very nicely done. you have a fine talent for written expression and an exceptional memory for events past. it's particularly enjoyable for me to read about you not only since i know you, but also because i realize i wasn't the only teenager in the 70s who was a total jazz nut.

i gave your info to my two friends in pasadena, darryl moore "JMD", drums, and steve isoardi, jazz historian.

keep on recording your memories and ideas. you're a blessing to the music! we need people who are articuate, observant, knowledgeable and who have such a thorough appreciation of the real thing! you got the love! and when you write about the cats, you bring the music alive on the page from your sincerity and perspective.

bright moments, bright moments,

joshua spiegelman

Tim Burleson said...

Hey Steve,

Great blog. It's great to hear your memories regarding past jazz concerts and experiences. Your writing is very warm and informative.

Keep up the important work.